The Process


How Long does it take?

Once you choose the style it takes only minutes to start your wine. Then 4 to 8 weeks later (depending on the quality level you choose) bottling single batches will take less than 20 minutes with our 2- spout bottle filler.

What do I have to do?

Not much! All wine is done here at our store under our sterile and controlled environment. You only need to start the fermentation of your wine and return 4-8 weeks later to bottle and taste your selection – using our speedy automatic equipment.

What does it cost?

Pricing will vary on the category of wine selected. It starts at $105 for our  4-week level and goes to $230 for the ultra-premium for 29-30 bottles – so you do the math! In each category you’ll be saving a bundle compared to comparable store bought quality. (*price subject to change)

What is included in the price?

Pricing includes the wine, corks, color shrink caps and all taxes. Bottles are priced separately. Bottle cost is $2.00 each for standard 750ml bottles. Personalized Labels are available for $.22 each. (**price increase/change can vary, please see in store for detail.**

What’s 4-week vs 6-week vs 8-week mean?

Each category makes virtually the same amount of finished wine. However, there is more fresh juice content as you go up the scale – meaning also the length of time it takes to make. Think of orange juice from concentrate vs orange juice from freshly squeezed. Also, as you go up the scale, the juices come from specific countries and then specific regions within each country of origin. Basically it’s the old adage, “you get what you pay for”.

How many bottles will I get?

Your vintage will yield approximately 29-30 standard 750ml bottles. Ultra premium wines yield 28-29 standard bottles.

Do I need an appointment to make wine?

An appointment is only needed for bottling it. Bottle it at lunch and you’ll still have time to eat!

What will I do with that much wine?

You will make a lot of friends! Most customers who ask this question return a short time later and say that most of their wine is gone. A great idea is to make multiple selections with friends and family to build a cellar with many different styles that complement the food you serve. Every individual batch produces a quantity of 23 litres. Specialty wines like Ice Wine and Port product 15 regular 750ml bottles.

How and when do I pay?

You pay for your wine selection at the time you start it. We accept MasterCard and Visa, as well as debit cards and of course cash. Bottles can be purchased when you come in to bottle. New bottles are a buck each and a great idea. The peel and stick labels easily come off for repeat use. First time customers are eligible for $15 off their first order!

Can I bring my own bottles?

Yes. You will sanitize all bottles prior to filling them regardless if you bring them in or purchase them here. We always have bottles in stock if you need to purchase just a few.

What do I use for labels?

Custom peel & stick labels are available for purchase. We will print personalized text for you with our laser printer at the time of bottling. (Our printer only prints black ink)

How do I know what wine to make?

With over 100 varieties available, we’ll help you narrow the choices down to a few.

Do you offer Wedding specials?

Our package includes 60 bottles of wine, a 50% discount on bottles, personalized labels, corks and shrinks are included. To sweeten your bottling experience, we will have a Chocolate and Cheese tasting plate for you to enjoy.  PLUS a $40 gift card to use as newlyweds!

We look forward to being part of your next event!

You’ll Love it!