• March Update! Specials and Limited Releases

    Wow that felt like a long lockdown! Oh wait…. it’s not over.
    We decided since traveling right now is pretty much out of the question, That we would take you on a little journey. Join the glas from Make Great Wine as we travel the next 3 months across the world and visit some exciting countries. Our first stop! 
    (pssst, they are also on sale!!) 

    California! California produces the best wines in America! Why is that?! ….Climate. Cooler climate tends to have smaller grapes that have a more tart and acidic flavour while warmer climates encourage grapes to grow larger which leads to more juicy ripeness. 80% of wine made in USA is from California. Most famous for it’s bodacious, fruit forward wines that focus on French Varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Wine-type grapes are grown in 46 of California’s 58 counties, covering 513,000 acres in 2004.

    Try our California Reserve Merlot.  This dry, medium body, medium oak merlot has notes of Chocolate, black cherry and vanilla spice. With a soft finish these flavours will dance on your tongue, leaving you wanting more! Not a red wine lover!? That’s okay we have a white wine too.
    California Sauvignon Blanc: Medium Body, dry crispy white wine, soft lime and gooseberry with fresh tropical fruit. This classing white wine pairs well with soft cheese’s and fish or just simply sit and enjoy.

    Island Mist & Niagara Mist Fruit Wine Limited Releases; These fantastic fruit wines won’t last long! Hurry and reserve your’s today. Limited Release fruit wines tend to sell out quickly and hardly make it for the summer months. So be sure to grab a few 😉

    Lush orange, coconut and Pineapple
    Enjoy lush pineapple with flavours of coconut, sweet dark rum, and a twist of tangy orange
    Two of summer’s favourite flavours = one perfect drink. Fresh brewed iced tea and zesty lemonade flavours perfectly combined for the ultimate summer refresher
    This cheekily-named classic cocktail has been a fruity favourite in restaurants, bars, and backyards for more than 30 years. Freshly squeezed orange, juicy peach and vodka flavours, rounded out with delicious tart cranberry notes.
    Bursting with flavours of sweet wild blueberry and tart lemon. This blend is sure to be favourite either on its own or mixed into a wine cocktail.
    Sweet ripe mango is balanced by tart passion fruit in this juicy blend. This wine will bring the tropics to your glass!