• Wedding Wine 2023

    Well friends! It’s that time, Plan ahead this year and get your wine started now. Let us be part of your next event. Weather that is a wedding, anniversary party or just a good old fashion party. We have a wine that will suit your event.


    Our package includes 120 bottles of wine, a 50% discount on bottles, personalized labels, corks and shrinks are included.   PLUS a $40 gift card to use as newlyweds!

    We look forward to being part of your next event!

  • June At Make Great Wine

    Hello Friends! 

     June has arrived- a time for sun and relaxation, get togethers and vacations! We have a few new wines launching this month and we are so excited to share them with you! 
    Our cheese fridge is stocked and ready for your next visit! Have you tried our cheese? We would love to hear what you thought of it.

    Mention this email and receive $2.00 off your cheese purchase.
    (valid for the month of June) 

    Thank you to everyone who purchased product from our pop up vendor “Fleurish” We have a few items left if you are still interested in supporting this amazing business. For June we have a new artisan. Halie Argile- Pottery. Halie has dropped off a few “one hitters” These are ceramic pipes made for smoking your choice of tabaco or cannabis. We have a great selection of BruMate insulated drinkware. This is a great gift for anyone! We have a variety of colors and prints.
    Do you follow us on Facebook and Instagram? We post weekly updates and pop up discounts. We have weekly “grab & go bags” that consist of a specialty cheese, cracker and jam for $20. Every week is different, so be sure to follow us and keep up with what’s going on. We have several new limited releases coming out in June. Check out our facebook page for more updates, deals and what’s happening at the shop!

    We are excited to see you come on in, we are OPEN!

    With love
    Toddia Ashley & JoAnn

  • April News @ MGW

    Well, like it or not April is here! I love knowing that warmer days are ahead. The amazing sunrises we have been having are enough reasons for me to wake up early. Lot’s of you are heading back to us and we can’t wait to see you, and hear all about your winter in the sunny south.  We have a few wines $10 off this month, be sure to check them out and stop in to see our yummy cheese selection! We have goodie bags for $20 with cheese, crackers and delicious chutney available for pick up anytime!

    As you have seen everywhere, costs are rising, supply chains are maxed, and inflation is climbing. We have been hit with not only an increase on our wine kits but shipping costs too. This effects us and you. Effective April 11th, our wine’s will have roughly a 5% increase. Cheese will have a slight increase due to rising cost in shipping & dairy production.
    Please let us know if you want to place an order prior to this increase.

    We have several new fruit wines coming up in May! Keep watch for our next news letter for more details.

    Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing your smiling face soon!

    Toddia, Ashley & JoAnn


    The Following Wines are $10 off the Month Of April!

    Original Chile Matador Red: A blend of Merlot and Carmenere. With a medium-full body and heavy oak presence, this wine is busting with flavors of ripe berries and jammy spicy notes. A dry red blend. The Matador is one of the only VineCo kits to feature heavy toast oak chips. The unique heavy toast is not timid! Heavy toast oak is known to import bold flavors of caramel, smoke and spice. You will want to try this one!! Pair with our Balsamic Onion Chutney and Everything Flat Bread Crackers.

    Original Liebfraumilch: Liebfraumilch is a semi-sweet style of white wine first produced in Germany, which is predominantly composed of Riesling, Silvaner, and Muller-Thurgau grapes. The VineCo Original Liebfraumilch Style is a delightfully off-dry white wine with light-medium body and flavours of citrus and peach. Refreshing and easily enjoyed. Pair it with our Cows Appletree Smoked Cheddar. This cheese is naturally smoked over an 8 hour period. During this time, it is wrapped with natural apple wood smoke that produces a mouth-wateringly full, smoky flavour that beautifully compliments our award winning 2 year old cheddar.

    VineCO Estate Series 6 week

    Australian Grenache Rose: The VineCo Grenache Rose features Australian grape juices that create a glorious Rose with flavors of red cherry and strawberry with a refreshing acidity. Medium-bodied and dry, with no oak character. Pair it with our Smoked Bleu Cheese From Quebec!

    California Cabernet Merlot: Our Californian Cabernet Merlot blend summons classic flavours of black currants and plums, hints of chocolate, spice, toasted notes, and a medium oak character. A full-bodied blend. This one is a favourite, and enjoyed all on its own!

    WineXpert 4 Week Classic

    Chardonnay: A classic Chardonnay with hints of pineapple and a soft buttery finish. Medium body and medium oak. This is a great BBQ wine. Pair it with our Bellavitano Espresso, a unique Cheddar-Parmesan, inspired by Italian farmstead cow’s cheese, rubbed with fresh ground Italian roast espresso beans. The sweet, slightly smoky, roasted flavours of an espresso coffee compliments the creamy and sweet Bellavitano.

    Vieux Chateau Du Roi: Raspberry, cherry and ripe plum! This yummy fruity red wine is medium in body and soft on oak, quick to mature. Pair it with Snowdonia Rock Star, this delicous cheese was aged to perfection in a cave! That’s right, cave’s have the perfect climate for aging cheese. Damp & dark.

  • February Love @ Make Great Wine

    February Love

    Well, We have made it a month into 2022! We are so looking forward to the warmer days ahead. January was a cold month. With warm weather in mind we have exciting news to share! Our Limited Twisted Mist fruit wines will be available starting in March. These yummy fruit wines are sure to be a great addition to your summer sippin’ wines. See the varietal’s below. Our cheese fridge is fully socked along with some other yummy treats for your special Valentin’s. If you are in need of a gift let us put together one of our “goodie box’s” for you. We can work with any budget! See below our yummy wines $10 off the Month of February!  We look forward to seeing your smiling face in the shop! Also! The Limited Editions for February are in and made. (LE21 MARSELAN & PASSPORT21 TEMPRANILLO BOBAL)-Toddia, Ashley & JoAnn
    Winexpert4 Week Classic Chilean Diablo Rojo-black cherry, blueberry, and smokey notes-dry, medium-full oak, medium bodied.

    4 Week Classic California Viognier-peach, apricot and honeysuckle-dry, light-medium bodied

    6 Week Reserve California Cab Merlot-ripe cherry, plum, chocolate, and supple tannins-dry, medium-oak, full bodied

    6 Week Reserve California Riesling-white peach, pineapple and mouth-watering acidity-dry, light-medium bodied

    VineCo4 Week Original Series California Vieux Chateau du Roi-red berries and plum notes-dry, medium oak, medium bodied.

    4 Week Original Series California Moscato-grapey, apple and citrus notes-medium-sweet, light-medium bodied.

    6 Week Estate Series Australia Cab Shiraz-blackberry, pepper, leather and toast-dry, heavy oak, full bodied.

    6 Week Estate Series Australia Chardonnay-tropical fruit, ripe peach, and toasted vanilla-dry, medium-oak, medium bodied.

    Sneak peek for March-

    Get your hands on these yummy Limited Release Twisted Mist! Available for a limited time. 

    Pina Colada- juicy ripe pineapple and creamy coconut 

    Sex on the Beach– flavours of freshly squeezed orange juice, peach, vodka and cranberry


    Sangiovese Rose-release Feb 14th- Pre Order Now!

    Get your hands on this all time favorite Sangiovese Rose! This one won’t be available long, It made its appearance last year and wow it sold out quick! Everyone who made it wanted more! $199.90 a batch. 

    New Cheese In Stock!

    St.Benoit Frere Jacques (not the song lol) This firm cheese with an orange-yellow rind has a nutty flavour.

    Popular with everyone, young and old, it is an excellent breakfast choice.

    The crowd favourite St.Benoit Bleu Fume is BACK!!!!

    This rindless blue cheese has a natural wood-smoked flavour, creamy colour and characteristic blue veins.

    It has a slightly crumbly texture, a pleasant yet powerful aroma of mushrooms, and typically sharp blue-cheese taste.Call us or stop in to grab yours today!

  • October @ Make Great Wine

    I love the reminder that fall brings, change can be so beautiful. The deep rich colours of fall, the fresh crisp air, and the love of anything pumpkin spice. We have a few specials for you this month, and a few reminders of all of our goodies we have in the shop.

    Since Thanksgiving is coming fast, we have put together a beautiful raffle.
    Ontario cheese, cured salami, red pepper jelly, gourmet crackers from a lovely bakery in Vaughan,  and a beautiful board to serve it on, from The Hippy Hermit & Mill Co. Retail value $100.
    To get your hands on this curated goodness, purchase a ticket for $5. The draw will be announced Thursday October 7th, pick up on Friday Oct 8th at the shop between 9-3pm.
    Call, email, or stop in to buy your ticket. Only 20 tickets available to purchase! Can’t beat those odds!

    We have several new cheese’s coming in next week! Snowdonia Rockstar,  Truffle Trove, and Snowdonia Bouncing Berry, to name a few! Everyone is loving the cheese addition to the shop. Of course all your favorites will be here too, Applewood Smoked Cheddar, Darkside of the Moo and Gunn’s Hill 5 brothers, to name a few. If there is a cheese you would like us to carry, let us know!
    We will be making up gift baskets for the holiday’s, keep us in mind for that someone on your list. Chocolate, cheese and wine are always a hit.

    See below what we have on special this month

    Toddia, Ashley & JoAnn

  • June Love @ Make Great Wine

    Yay! June is here, I have to say June is one of my favorite months. Beautiful sunny days and the nights are usually still cool to keep the windows open. Alot has happened in the store the last few months with the stay at home order. Even we have been busy! Things look alot different. We are waiting to see if the stay at home order is going to be lifted this week, and IF it is, We cant wait to see your wonderful faces back in the shop bottling your own wine.  As mentioned in April, We are brining in different retail items the next couple of months.  In May we had beautiful pottery in the shop from Halie Argile a Local Elmvale Potter.   This month we will have BruMate Insulated Drinkware and Charcuterie boards from the Hippy Hermet. Father’s Day is June 20h! We have lots of great options in the shop for that special Dad in your life.
    Below you can see what wines will be sale and what wines are new!  Thank You so much for choosing us to wine with ❤🍷

    Winexpert Classic Chilean Merlot ( a MGW favorite!) Medium Body, Heavy Oak. Black Cherry, raspberry and smoke. Ready in 4 weeks!

    Gewurztraminer: This sweet refreshing white wine is perfect for summer BBQ’s. This wine is off dry with hints of tropical fruit, peach and a crisp finish. Ready in 4 weeks!

    Winexpert Reserve VCR: Medium Full body red wine with hints of raspberry and white pepper. Lots of oak to round out the sweetness from this fruit forward red wine. Don’t be fooled by the fruitiness, this wine is dry! Ready in 6 weeks.

    Traminer Riesling: A beautiful blend of gewurztraminer and Riesling! Yes this is a sweet white wine so be sure to like that hint of honeysuckle and lime. Ready in 6 weeks.

    VineCo: Chilean Carmenere: Dry Medium body red wine bursting with red cherry, raspberry and plum. Ready in 6 weeks.

    VineCo: California Riesling: This high acidity white wine has notes of tropical fruit, mango and apricot. Dry, Light to medium body white wine. Ready in 6 weeks.

    VineCo Australian Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre: Heavy oak, full body dry, this wine is full of fruit forward flavor with the spice of black pepper on the nose. Ready in 4 weeks.

    VineCo California Chardonnay: This creamy white wine has hints of green apple, pear and apricot. No oak and medium body. Ready in 4 weeks.

  • April Buy More Save More Sale

    Well here we are, done the first quarter of 2021!  The saying is true, time waits for no one. I don’t know about you, but WOW I am so excited to see the ground wake up, my crocus’ are starting to pop up and blossom.  It is just a beautiful sight. We finished our little reno and we are very pleased with the feedback! We are so happy that customers are coming back into the store.  April, we are offering a Buy More Save More Sale! We know that better days are ahead and we want you to be stocked up and ready for them! Any wine in stock will be on sale. 1st $5 off, 2nd $10 off, 3rd $15 off. We are featuring wine from Australia this month! Be sure to watch our social media to keep up on special tips and interesting information. 

    We are excited to announce that we are pairing up with a few awesome local artisans, Halie Argile, a local Elmvale potter, who makes slow made, functional ceramics. These unique one of a kind pieces are just beautiful! We will have a small selection of wine tumbles, charcuterie boards and wine carafes.   
    The Hippy Hermit, this guy is born and raised just outside of Wasaga Beach. He has a passion for wood working and just being solo cutting and milling wood. He has created some beautiful boards just for us. He truly brings meaning to forest to table.  He cut the tree down, aged it, he’s milled it in his basement workshop, shaped it, and made these amazing boards. Ash, Maple and Black Cherry to name a few. 

    We are so excited to announce that starting in May, we will have a selection of pre-packaged cheese’s, dried meats, and gourmet crackers. More details to come as we finalize the selection! 

  • March Update! Specials and Limited Releases

    Wow that felt like a long lockdown! Oh wait…. it’s not over.
    We decided since traveling right now is pretty much out of the question, That we would take you on a little journey. Join the glas from Make Great Wine as we travel the next 3 months across the world and visit some exciting countries. Our first stop! 
    (pssst, they are also on sale!!) 

    California! California produces the best wines in America! Why is that?! ….Climate. Cooler climate tends to have smaller grapes that have a more tart and acidic flavour while warmer climates encourage grapes to grow larger which leads to more juicy ripeness. 80% of wine made in USA is from California. Most famous for it’s bodacious, fruit forward wines that focus on French Varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Wine-type grapes are grown in 46 of California’s 58 counties, covering 513,000 acres in 2004.

    Try our California Reserve Merlot.  This dry, medium body, medium oak merlot has notes of Chocolate, black cherry and vanilla spice. With a soft finish these flavours will dance on your tongue, leaving you wanting more! Not a red wine lover!? That’s okay we have a white wine too.
    California Sauvignon Blanc: Medium Body, dry crispy white wine, soft lime and gooseberry with fresh tropical fruit. This classing white wine pairs well with soft cheese’s and fish or just simply sit and enjoy.

    Island Mist & Niagara Mist Fruit Wine Limited Releases; These fantastic fruit wines won’t last long! Hurry and reserve your’s today. Limited Release fruit wines tend to sell out quickly and hardly make it for the summer months. So be sure to grab a few 😉

    Lush orange, coconut and Pineapple
    Enjoy lush pineapple with flavours of coconut, sweet dark rum, and a twist of tangy orange
    Two of summer’s favourite flavours = one perfect drink. Fresh brewed iced tea and zesty lemonade flavours perfectly combined for the ultimate summer refresher
    This cheekily-named classic cocktail has been a fruity favourite in restaurants, bars, and backyards for more than 30 years. Freshly squeezed orange, juicy peach and vodka flavours, rounded out with delicious tart cranberry notes.
    Bursting with flavours of sweet wild blueberry and tart lemon. This blend is sure to be favourite either on its own or mixed into a wine cocktail.
    Sweet ripe mango is balanced by tart passion fruit in this juicy blend. This wine will bring the tropics to your glass!