Yay! June is here, I have to say June is one of my favorite months. Beautiful sunny days and the nights are usually still cool to keep the windows open. Alot has happened in the store the last few months with the stay at home order. Even we have been busy! Things look alot different. We are waiting to see if the stay at home order is going to be lifted this week, and IF it is, We cant wait to see your wonderful faces back in the shop bottling your own wine.  As mentioned in April, We are brining in different retail items the next couple of months.  In May we had beautiful pottery in the shop from Halie Argile a Local Elmvale Potter.   This month we will have BruMate Insulated Drinkware and Charcuterie boards from the Hippy Hermet. Father’s Day is June 20h! We have lots of great options in the shop for that special Dad in your life.
Below you can see what wines will be sale and what wines are new!  Thank You so much for choosing us to wine with ❤🍷

Winexpert Classic Chilean Merlot ( a MGW favorite!) Medium Body, Heavy Oak. Black Cherry, raspberry and smoke. Ready in 4 weeks!

Gewurztraminer: This sweet refreshing white wine is perfect for summer BBQ’s. This wine is off dry with hints of tropical fruit, peach and a crisp finish. Ready in 4 weeks!

Winexpert Reserve VCR: Medium Full body red wine with hints of raspberry and white pepper. Lots of oak to round out the sweetness from this fruit forward red wine. Don’t be fooled by the fruitiness, this wine is dry! Ready in 6 weeks.

Traminer Riesling: A beautiful blend of gewurztraminer and Riesling! Yes this is a sweet white wine so be sure to like that hint of honeysuckle and lime. Ready in 6 weeks.

VineCo: Chilean Carmenere: Dry Medium body red wine bursting with red cherry, raspberry and plum. Ready in 6 weeks.

VineCo: California Riesling: This high acidity white wine has notes of tropical fruit, mango and apricot. Dry, Light to medium body white wine. Ready in 6 weeks.

VineCo Australian Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre: Heavy oak, full body dry, this wine is full of fruit forward flavor with the spice of black pepper on the nose. Ready in 4 weeks.

VineCo California Chardonnay: This creamy white wine has hints of green apple, pear and apricot. No oak and medium body. Ready in 4 weeks.